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I really can not express my appreciation that you are considering me to capture one of the most important days of your life. It is an honor I do not take lightly. Having professionally photographed weddings since 2010 I still try to find the uniqueness in every wedding. I am not the cookie-cutter wedding photographer. I don't follow trends but have started a few. Having been a successful artist, I entered wedding photography with the hope of finding couples that would appreciate a artistic creations and emotional candids of their wedding and can tell the difference in my work and the average photographer. Now that being said it also means I could never show you what your wedding will look like because your day will be as unique as you are but I will create something priceless that tells the story of your day and create art for your walls... speaking of price.  But First!

Now you probably have never spent thousands of dollars on photography and have a bunch of questions. Please reach out and ask me but here are some common questions:

Q: Do you travel to (your wedding location)? 

A: Yes anywhere in the world. Travel Fees apply for outside Lower 48 States (and may be less that you think... thanks AirB&B). I might even work out a deal with you if it is a location I REALLY want to shoot at. Also Elopement specials are available.


Q: Do you offer Video Services? 

A: Yes, Pricing varies depending on location and travel fees.


Q: Do you offer Engagement Sessions?

A: Yes when you book a wedding with me we can discuss options for fun timeless photos.

Q: Do you provide all the photos in full resolution.

A: YES! That is what you really are paying for. All the final photos that are color corrected are provided as full size jpegs and available for download. We cull out the photos I messed up (like too bright, out of focus or just really not flattering). Typically 75 photos for each hour of shooting if there are two photographers. Special editing of photos (Look thinner, change background, remove object, add object) are subject to additional charge.


Q: We are on a budget, but love your photography style and must have you! What can we do?

A: I really want to make it easy for couples that love my work to be able to hire me. But that's not always possible. Sometimes I am booked on your date. Sometimes your budget makes it difficult. I offer payment plans that make it easy for you to make smaller interest free monthly payments. I also have my partner photographers who have been trained by me and can photograph your wedding while I handle the editing to match my style and save you about $500-$1000. Also if you are local and I am not booked I offer discounts for short notice weddings. 

Q: We are big fans of (enter popular movie, theme or show). Can you make us look like we are ... (ex. In front of Disney Castle, sitting on the Iron Throne, in Walking Dead, on Endor, in Hogwarts... really whatever you can imagine.)

A: Yes! My main goal with these fantasy photos is DON'T LOOK CHEESY! Still look like art and so real that people assume you really went out of your way on your wedding. So please let me know what you have in mind!


Yup you STILL have question. Please fill out the questionnaire below and I will reach out with my price guide and hopefully we can jump on the phone and I can answer all your questions and create a custom package. Pricing Starts at $3995 for photography coverage and photographs.